USB Joystickadapter

The USB Joystickadapter is a small device which interfaces two 9-pin digital Joysticks to an PC USB port. Polling frequency is 100 Hz, this makes the joysticks quite reactive.

This project uses an ATmel ATtiny microcontroller with a software USB stack. It is based by work from Grigory Goronzy and the v-usb driver from Christian Starkjohann, Objective Development GmbH.

Discussions about the project you will find at german Forum-64. A construction kit is available at the Retro-Donald shop.


Actual Release:


Previous Releases:


At the moment, a ATtiny2313 is used. Both joysticks are named "Retro-Joystick" (-1 / -2) in game controller settings. Philipp rewrote the firmware, 2 joystick compatible even for Linux and Mac OS. Even though more features were added, the code still fits in the ATtiny2313. The ATtiny4313 is supported  aswell, but at the moment the extra space is not yet needed.


- new Philipp Lang software
- complete code rewrite
- both joysticks can be used under Linux
- the port mapping can be selected by holding the left joystick while plugging-in the adapter:
  button1 + left: left joystick will be reported as joystick #1
  button1 + right: right joystick will be reported as joystick #1
  the mapping is stored in the eeprom

- Swapped Joystick port 1 and 2
- Support for ATtiny4313

Known problems:


2015-03-09 ap